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What is the cost of dentures?

It’s difficult to provide a set, pre-determined price for denture sets, because there are many variables that can influence denture prices. These include the complexity of the dentures needed, subsequent fabrication time and the number of preparatory procedures required, such as extractions. The only way to get an exact quote for denture prices is to come in and see our dental prosthetist for a free initial consultation.

The list below provides a general cost guide for various types of dentures. (Prices include all the impressions, any re-trys and all necessary adjustments after manufacture to make the dentures comfortable.)

Denture Prices
  • denture repaire Denture Repair: $70-$150
  • denture relines Denture Relines: $195–$290
  • emergency Acrylic denture: $600-$1000
  • vitalliam denture Vitallium denture: $1000-$1750
  • flexi denture Flexi denture: $950-$1300
Does dental insurance cover the cost of dentures?

Most dental insurance companies cover some if not all of the cost, making them very affordable. You should contact your insurance company to determine your exact amount of coverage.

Why Not Cheap Dentures?

If you’re shopping around for the cheapest dentures, a word of caution… you often get what you pay for. Choosing a prosthetist on denture prices alone is generally not a good idea. Cheap priced dentures can sometimes indicate a cut corner at some point, whether that’s in the length of time the prosthetist spends assessing your case, or in the fabrication of the dentures themselves. We aim to provide our customers with reasonable denture prices for the work they need.

What’s more important than price is the quality of work provided by both the technician and the dental prosthetist. Make sure you receive treatment from a prosthetist you trust, resulting in a quality job that will last you many years – your dental health is worth it.

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