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Denture Care Clinic specialises in the design, manufacture and repair of dentures in Melbourne. A member of the Australian Dental Prosthetists Association, we are expert providers of all aspects of denture treatment in Melbourne.

Denture Services

Dentures are prosthetic constructs that replace missing teeth. Supported by the oral tissue of the mouth, dentures can be removable or implanted, and are available in a variety of designs. They effectively fix problems with eating and speech that are caused by missing teeth, also filling gaps to prevent surrounding teeth from irregular growth. We provide a wide range of denture treatments, including the following:

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Denture Specialists

At Denture Care Clinic, dentures are our sole specialisation, giving us the expertise to create dentures that are perfectly customised to your mouth. Our skills enable us to manufacture superior fitted dentures you can rely on. If your existing dentures are broken, we can usually repair them more easily and at a lower expense for the patient than a full replacement. We can also provide visits to homes and aged care facilities for dentures in Melbourne.

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