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Dentures are made of high quality materials, and can last a long time with the proper care. Like anything else, however, they’re subject to wear and accidents can occur. When they break, it’s inconvenient and can be distressing – but most of the time they can be repaired, saving you the time and expense of a whole new set. At Denture Care Clinic, we provide expert repair and reline services in Melbourne to make your dentures look as good as new.

denture repairs and relines
Denture Repairs

There are a variety of repairs that can be necessary for dentures. They may chip or crack, prosthetic teeth may need to be replaced, or they can simply be affected by wear and tear over time.

We provide denture repairs on all models. As well, our dental prosthetist can assess the damage for you and give you expert advice on the cause, the best type of repair and ways to prevent similar problems from occurring in the future.

Denture Relines

The proper function of dentures depends strongly on a tight fit against your gum tissue. When dentures loosen, they become less effective and can also cause harm to the bone and soft tissue in your mouth. It can also be quite stressful if you’re constantly worried about them falling out during the day.

A range of circumstances can affect the fit of your dentures, from weight loss to the removal of remaining teeth. We can reline your old dentures, restoring their surface to improve comfort and the fit to your mouth. A denture reline can fix a number of issues, including stabilisation, suction and gaps that collect food particles.

We can also provide visits to homes and aged care facilities for dentures in Melbourne.

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