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Conventional dentures consist of a removable prosthesis that’s held in the mouth by nothing more than natural suction. Unfortunately, these dentures can become loose, resulting in damage to the bone and soft tissue in your mouth, as well as the embarrassing possibility that your teeth might fall out during dinner.

Recent years have seen the development of a new form of denture technology that provides a solution to these issues – implant retained dentures. Here at Denture Care Clinic, we’re excited to offer implant retained dentures to patients in conjunction with our expert dental prosthesis creation and fitting service.

implant retained
denture technology
What are they?

Implant retained dentures provide a radical and effective solution to the problem of loose false teeth. Instead of sliding into your mouth like their conventional counterparts, implant retained dentures are firmly attached to the gums with implants that are inserted directly into your jawbone. This increases the stabilisation of the dentures, allowing greater chewing force and also reducing the potential for gum tissue irritation. Implant retained dentures also offer other benefits over conventional dentures, including:

  • Greater comfort in the mouth
  • Reduced incidence of food becoming trapped underneath them
  • Easy to clean
  • Long lasting
  • Smaller and less bulky
  • Less interference with taste, as they don’t cover the roof of your mouth

Typically, implant retained dentures are recommended for the lower jaw because conventional dentures are more prone to instability in the lower jaw. Denture Care Clinic offers implant retained dentures for both lower and upper jaw. These dentures are made from quality porcelain or acrylic that resemble the natural look of natural teeth and gums. If you are sick and tired of your old-fashioned dentures, you should consider investing in our premium implant retained dentures. If you’d like to find out more and discuss with our experts whether implant retained dentures are right for you, give us a call or come and see us for a no-obligation, free consultation

We can also provide visits to homes and aged care facilities for dentures in Melbourne.

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